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Used forwarders



We offer powerful forwarders

Forwarders significantly simplify tree felling. They are very efficient and can help move great amounts of harvested wood (thousands of tons). Because the forest terrain can be often difficult, it is important that these machines are reliable. That’s why we only offer tried and tested global brands.

Forwarders from renowned brands.

The main task of a forwarder is to transport harvested logs from the forest. The machine needs to manage difficult terrain as well as heavy loads. All of this while being safe and efficient. Time and experience have shown which brands create good forwarders - and we offer those. This mainly includes northern manufacturers, amongst others KOMATSU, PONSSE or JOHN DEERE.

Advantages of a forwarder

The key advantage of a forwarder is the ability to move in difficult terrain. The machine manages sloped and steep terrain and isn’t stopped by unfavorable weather. It works reliably even in difficult climates.

Another great advantage is the speed of transporting harvested wood, because even in forestry, time is money. It can also sort wood based on the sortiment and customer’s needs.

Forwarders that your heart desires

What should you look for in a forwarder except for performance and reliability? Customers often look for a reasonable price. In this regard we can also accommodate you. We sell second hand forwarders. We only buy forestry machines from renowned and reliable owners. Before you purchase a machine, we will tell you everything about its past.

Potřebujete s výběrem vyvážecího stroje poradit? Nebo vás zajímá, jakou techniku máme aktuálně v nabídce?

 You won’t make it far without a forwarder

Forwarders are a key part of the wood processing pipeline. It is nice that you can cut a tree down in the middle of the woods, but only a harvester can move the logs to an accessible road. Forwarders therefore have to be not only reliable but also very powerful, because they can move great amounts of wood. 

You don’t have to buy a new machine though. Used forwarders are a great way how to save money. We offer forwarders from brands such as John Deere or Ponsse, which definitely won’t fail you.

 What more can a forwarder do?

Forestry equipment - second hand forwarders can truly do a great deal of work. With a skilled crew a John Deere forwarder can move severa tons of felled logs at once, through practically any terrain. Big tires and all wheel drive of the John Deere forwarder guarantees a fast and very effective transport to a roadside wood pile.