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Finding high quality second hand forestry equipment can be easy if you have a trustworthy and reliable partner. We offer all kinds of customer support, including service and shipping in the whole EU and spare and replacement parts.


Used Forestry Equipment Store

How to buy used forestry equipment inexpensively?

The Used Forestry Equipment Store is an ideal place for purchasing tested and high quality machines for logging and tree felling. Before a purchase you will get to know your machine in depth. You’ll make the decision based on the maximum amount of information and your own experience. The used equipment has been put to the test in the real world. You can go to the woods only in a machine you fully trust.

The Used Forestry Equipment Store offers not only harvesters but also forwarders and skidders. You can purchase machines from renowned brands such as John Deere, Komatsu or Ponsse which definitely won’t let you down.

Why choose second hand equipment?

You should choose The Used Forestry Equipment Store when you need to purchase a machine that has been tested to be 100% reliable and when you want to spend significantly less compared to buying a new machine. We will guarantee you only slight wear on the offered equipment with no impact on their performance. All the machines have been serviced and you can get them shipped straight to the woods. Thanks to our assortment of spare and replacement parts, you can be sure we won't leave you hanginng!

We believe that The Used Forestry Equipment Store has the right choice for you.