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Ponsse Buffalo Forwarders

Pay attention to quality

Forwarders are the cornerstone of any forestry line, because without them you cannot move wood from the forest to storage and then to a sawmill. The advantage of these machines is that in a single go they can move multiple tons of wood through practically any terrain. Especially in the autumn and winter months there are over half a meter deep tracks in the forest, but the forwarder can manage this.

Ponsse Buffalo is one of the highest quality forwarders and it is very popular.amongst treefellers and foresters. Its main advantage is an 8x8 - all-wheel drive, thanks to which this forwarder stops at nothing.

You don’t have to be afraid of used machines.

If you don’t want to spend a great amount of money for a new Ponsee Buffalo forwarder, turn to The Used Forestry Equipment Store. The machines we offer are tried and tested so you can be sure they won’t leave you hanging. A certainty is high quality maintenance and option of purchasing spare parts. Second hand forwards are therefore immediately ready for hard work in the woods.