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JOHN DEERE Forwarders

John Deere forwarders are the cream of the crop

If you want to purchase a new forwarder you don’t have to buy a brand new machine for hundreds of thousands of euros. A great choice is a John Deere 1510 e, a staple at many second hand stores, which has been tried and tested by many loggers. From the beginning this forwarder is the best of the best you can find in the industry.

The main advantage of a used John Deere 1510e is undeniably the great all wheel drive with long lifespan and performance. An 8x8 drive with each of the wheels equipped with chains makes sure that this machine stops at nothing. Mud or snow are not a problem for it.

The machine offers first-class comfort for the crew

Everyone in the forestry industry surely knows that it isn’t easy work. Luckily, the John Deere forwarder offers unparalleled comfort to its driver. Air conditioned cabin and seat with a full suspension provides comfort. You’ll appreciate customizable, ergonomic controls. You don’t haave to fear the control itself, because the machine is so sophisticated it can practically operate itself.