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JOHN DEERE 1010e Forwarders

Pay attention to the quality of your forwarder

We don’t even have to mention how important the forwarder is for your logging business. The purchase of a brand new one might be unimaginable for many of you and it is often a nonsensical investment. Why not turn to The Used Forestry Equipment store? The John Deere 1010e does the same amount of work, but you can be 100% sure it won’t break down in the middle of the woods.

 Even when it was still in production, the John Deere 1010e forwarder was one of the best that you could get in the forestry equipment industry. Nothing has changed since then, this machine is still exceptional in its ability to cross any terrain and in its high capacity.

 You dont have to be afraid of second-hand equipment

You dont have to be afraid that the John Deere 1010e is available in second hand shops. Experienced technicians totally service the forwarders, including exchange of worn-down or damaged parts. You can look forward to fully equipped and functional cabin, which gives your crew first-class comfort. You can reach the cabin from the hydraulically folded stepladder. Chains on the wheels are a matter of course on this machine as they can’t be missing from any forwarder.