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Used harvesters



We sell forestry equipment that makes your work fun

Every logger relies on their equipment. Wood harvesting,forest landscaping, managing disasters - you need a reliable partner for all of these. That’s why we sell forestry equipment, namely harvesters, from the top global manufacturers, whose brand has a real value and is a sign of reliability and quality.

Tried and tested forestry equipment

Although our forestry equipment is second hand, we only sell machines with a proven service history. In our time on the market we have created strong connections with reliable trading partners. We buy second hand machines with verifiable origins and responsible owners. This is key for a sortiment of reliable machines for great prices.

Reliable northern brands

Forestry equipment from The Used Forestry Equipment Store has one thing in common - it comes from renowned manufacturers, mostly from northern Europe. Amongst others we offer brands with a long history such as JOHN DEERE, KOMATSU or PONSSE.

Types of forestry equipment

We offer many kinds of forestry equipment which will prove useful to all foresters and forest owners. Our forestry equipment includes:

  • Harvesters,
  • Tractors,
  • Rippers,
  • Haulers,
  • Crushers,
  • Woodchipper,
  • and other forestry machines.

Take a look at our machines

We understand that choosing a machine can be a difficult process, it is usually not a small investment. That’s why customer service is our number one priority. We will offer you a detailed showcase of machine - you’ll get to know it in and out even before you make a purchase. We’ll always satisfy any of your wishes and needs.

What other advantages will you get with us?

  • Guarantee of a stable partner with a great amount of experience in the field of forest equipment.
  • Shipping in the whole European Union.
  • Assistance and advice from professionals to make sure you make the right choice.
  • Spare parts for all harvesters and logging machines.

We can find the right machine for you. We will happily show you all features of our harvesters.

 Work becomes fun with a harvester

When working in the woods, quick and efficient tree felling is even more important than transport of the material. Used harvesters are the ideal way to deal with many dozens of trees, each hour. If your workers learn to efficiently work with the machine, you will quickly see the improvement to your business.

 Harvesters are sophisticated machines which can deal with any tree. Thanks to a combination of wheels and tracks they won’t stop at any terrain and their multi-joint control assures great maneuverability. Selling harvesters is one of the pillars of our business and as such we focus on them.

 You don’t have to pay a fortune for a harvester

Athough our harvesters aren’t brand new, they are in the best condition, fully serviced. We offer machines from top global brands, namely John Deere with a clear history in the business.